Watches Worn By World Leaders

Politics is all over the media right now, so why not watch blogs too? I’ve spent some time researching and I’ve put together a list of some of the most famous world leaders and the watches they wear. Watches can be used to define someone’s personality and characteristics, but do they decide how they lead their countries? You be the judge.

Australia – Malcolm Turnbull

Australia’s Prime Minister finds himself rocking a black Apple Watch these days. While not being the most beautiful of the list, it may be the most functional!

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Canada – Justin Trudeau

Much more traditional that Turnbull, Canada’s Prime Minister can be seen wearing is IWC Regulateur. A bit more expensive than an Apple Watch, coming in around $8,500USD.

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Germany – Angela Merkel

In a much cheaper and less flashy move, Germany’s Chancellor is sporting a minimal black Boca Titanium watch. It’s very interesting that we can see a woman who leads an entire country wearing a watch that costs less than $100!

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Russia – Vladimir Putin

The President of the Russian Federation is wearing the a Swedish watch by Blancpain called the Grande Date Flyback. Certainly a formal and clean choice coming from Mr. Putin.



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United States – Donald Trump

Last but certainly not least is Donald Trump, hailing from the United States. Watch maker Corum has announced that Donald Trump will be the 6th US President to sport the $20 Corum Dollar watch. Very presidential!


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That concludes our list of world leaders and their watches. If you find this content interesting, please share it on Facebook and Twitter using the links below. With enough support we may venture back to this topic and release another article on lesser known world leaders!

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