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Watches Worn By World Leaders

Politics is all over the media right now, so why not watch blogs too? I’ve spent some time researching and I’ve put together a list of some of the most famous world leaders and the watches they wear.¬†Watches can be used to define someone’s personality and characteristics,

15 Cheapest Moonphase Wrist Watches

Moonphases are one of my very favorite complications to a wristwatch. I love explaining what the moonphase is and how it works to friends that aren’t used to such watch complications. However, when it comes to moonphases, the prices get expensive. I’ve compiled a list of what

5 Most Beautiful Watch Movements Money Can Buy

OK, so images can get quite complicated as we have a few variables to work with! For example the image below has had a caption entered in the WordPress image upload dialog box, this creates a shortcode which then in turn wraps the whole thing in a